7 Best Women’s Salsa Shoes – Our favorite styles in 2020

A good pair of salsa shoes can take your salsa game from mediocre to fantastic. No matter what style of salsa you’re currently dancing, you’ll want a fierce pair of shoes to take your dance moves to the next level.

There is so much variety when it comes to finding the perfect pair of women’s salsa shoes… maybe a little too much variety. The ideal shoe is comfortable while being sleek and sexy at the same time. To take away the headache, here’s a round-up the best salsa shoes on the market right now.

We also wrote a guide for choosing the best Salsa shoes and things you need to know before making a purchase. If you’re dancing in a couple, be sure to check out our Salsa shoes guide for men.

TDA Women’s T-Strap Glitter Dance Shoes

Being both comfortable and beautiful, these shoes are sure to take your dance moves to the next level. They very comfortable and don’t require much time to be broken in.

These shoes are one of the best in terms of variety and customizations. You can just about customize every part of the shoe. They come in many different colors – red, blue, champagne, black silver. They also vary in heel height, so can get the perfect heel height for you. Finally, they have both an indoor and outdoor sole option. Suede soles being best for indoor dancing and the leather sole option is the best for outdoor dancing.

The reasonable price tag and low heel options make this a great value and a perfect pair for beginner dancers.

One thing to note is that the material of the heel is plastic, so you may want to need to replace the heel with a rubber one.

At a Glance

Heel Height: 2 in – 3 in
Price: $
Material: PU Leather
Color: Various

TTdancewear Rhinestone Performance Salsa Dance Shoes

TTdancewear has one of the best reputations in the dance world. These beautiful shoes are one of their best sellers for a good reason! The sparkly crystals make this a great performance shoe, but the level of comfort is quite high, making this the perfect practice shoe for those who want to be inspired and motivated during practice.

Due to the flexible soft material, they take minimal time to break in. The light weight nature of it, also makes it an easy pair to dance several hours in.

The high ankle strap, also provides great angle support. The wide heel also gives a feeling of additional support

They also come in a variety of colors – nude (more of a rose-gold), tan, black, red, silver, gold, and blue.

nude rhinestone women's salsa shoe

At a Glance

Heel Height: 2.5 in – 3 in
Price: $$
Material: Satin, Crystal
Color: Various

DLisiting Lace Up Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes

This unique design from DListing is not commonly seen in the salsa world, which means you’ll either love it or hate it. We personally love this unique design, it’s perfect for alternative salsa aficionados who crave something a little edgy and different.

Not only does this pair stand out in terms of style, it checks all the boxes for the perfect salsa dance shoe.

The satin material makes the shoe extremely light weight, flexible, and comfortable. There’s also enough cushion and support on the soles of the feet to give support and confidence.

The really special aspect of this shoe is the lace up design. The laces can be easily adjusted to fit your feet perfectly, making it ideal for those who have wider feet or have trouble with the fit of other shoes.

black lace up women's salsa shoe

At a Glance

Heel Height: 3 in
Price: $
Material: Satin
Color: Black

Minishion T-Strap Closed Toe Glitter Women’s Salsa Shoes

This beautiful t-strap, closed toe design gives this delicate shoe a fun retro flair.

This shoe is one of the best value picks on the market. It’s perfect for beginner salsa dancers who are just starting out, and don’t immediately want to take the plunge into buying an extremely high quality, expensive salsa dance shoe.

The biggest draw to this brand is the level of customization. They have the biggest range in colors we have seen. They have all of the usual colors, and also some interesting colors, such as light green, purple and sparkly pink. They also have the biggest range in heel height – ranging from 1.25 inches to 4 inches, which means they have a whopping 12 different heel styles! Finally, they also have outdoor (leather sole) and indoor (suede sole) options.

Because of the material, these take longer to break in, but once you do, you’ll never want to go back to another pair.

At a Glance

Heel Height: 1.25in – 4in
Price: $
Material: PU Leather
Color: Various

TTdancewear Rhinestones Performance Salsa Dance Shoes

This is another top-knotch TTdancwear pick. In TTdancewear fashion, this pair is beautifully designed, flashy, and comfortable. The mesh open-toe gives a strappy, nude illusion, while being comfortable and secure.

Similar to other shoes of this brand, the break in time is minimal, and you’ll be able to dance for hours comfortably. These are perfect for flashy practice sessions or performances.

These shoes have suede bottoms so should only be used for indoor dancing. The shoe structure is such that it provides the best support for the arch, sole, and ankles.

They come in a variety of heel heights, making it perfect for beginners and professionals. They also come in many colors (black, nude / champagne, silver, tan, red / burgundy.

The fit at the toe is a bit snug, so it’s ideal for women who have narrower feet.

At a Glance

Heel Height: 1.5 in – 3 in
Price: $$
Material: Satin, Rhinestone
Color: Various

Cleecli Practice Salsa Dance Shoes

Comfortably cushioned and a stable heel, this is one of the best women’s salsa shoes for those who are getting in hours of dance lessons at a time.

Understated but still sleek and stylish. This shoe is great for someone who is looking for something sophisticated without being too flashy.

The open design of the peep toe, prevents blistering even after dancing for hours.

Quick release and adjustable straps gives a secure fit while making it convenient to take on and off

This shoe is best suited for average to wide feet.

The heel can be a bit slippery, so you’re a beginner, may need to replace with a rubber heel or get heel grips.

black mesh women's practice salsa dance shoes

At a Glance

Heel Height: 2 in – 3 in
Price: $
Material: Satin, Mesh
Color: Black, Tan, Nude

Bulunka Women’s Salsa Shoes

These simple and elegant Bulunka shoes are one of the best women’s salsa shoes for beginners. The low price point, makes this a great first shoe, to get an idea of the right fit and style, without spending a fortune.

The heel height of 2.5 is a good starting height for beginners. The flare heel is also very beginner friendly, as it adds additional support and security. Multiple straps near the ankle helps to keep your foot securely in place.

This shoe will take a little more time to break in, so we recommend acclimating to it before taking it out on a big dancing night.

The soles are made of suede, so these are primarily for indoor dancing.

The fit is ideal for average to wide feet.

At a Glance

Heel Height: 2.5 in
Price: $
Material: Satin
Color: Nude, Black, Tan

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